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Yakiniku Koinobori Nakashou ENGLISH

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Yakiniku Koinobori Nakashou ENGLISH

プレミアムコース1We provide the soy sauce sauce which worked of the soup stock and six other kinds of sauce to suit your preferences
We provide A4-grade or A5-grade (the highest grade) Japanese beef.
Our restaurant is only a 1-minute walk from Nakasho Station. You can go sightseeing to Kurashiki easily.
At our restaurant, you take off your shoes and have a meal at the table on the tatami mat.
We have an English menu. Please check our restaurant HP for details.
We have free Wi-Fi in every restaurant.
Electrical outlets are available. Please feel free to use them.


Address: Nakasho-Ekimae building 1F, 14-1 Toba Kurashiki-shi Okayama
Bussiness hours: 5pm-12midnight
(last orders 11:30pm)
Holiday :Monday

●First time customers

●About the check10
On the occasion of the check I perform it at table.

●About a credit card1ee2c4a5358733ced8d69d64d958f8301
The credit cards which are available in our store are as follows.
・Diners Club
・American Express

●About a consumption tax
A consumption tax is included in a sticker price.
A current consumption tax of Japan is 8%.

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●Course dishes

こいのぼりコース■Koinobori course
■15 dishes
■2900yen/ 1 person


プレミアムコース1■Premium course
■15 dishes
■6,500yen/ 1 person


きわみもり■Special marbled meat set
■3,300 Yen/1 person
A set of the 3 highest grade marbled meat


●A la carte menu
1543ko05■Assorted Kim Chee
■580 Yen

8b7791bada23cc5b86540f906efc3d4c■Egg soup
■310 Yen

DSC0255■Seaweed soup
■310 Yen
●Featured menu
Extra premium short ribs ■Extra premium short ribs
■1,480 Yen
(Japanese Accent) Gensen Tokujou Karubi
Meat dish made using meat cut from the ribs called “extra premium short ribs.”

Kalbi (short ribs) ■Kalbi (short ribs)
■880 Yen
(Japanese Accent) Wagyuu Karubi
Meat dish made using meat cut from the ribs called “Kalbi.”
s_cm_01_015■Harami (skirt)
■880 Yen
(Japanese Accent) Wagyuu Harami
Meat dish made using a cut from the diaphragm called “Harami.”
s_cm_01_021■Premium grilled tongue seasoned with salt
■1280 Yen
(Japanese Accent) Atsugiri Shiotan
Meat dish made using the tongue called “premium tongue,” seasoned with salt and grilled.

s_cm_01_022■Tan shio (salted tongue)
■800 Yen
(Japanese Accent) Shiotan
Meat dish made using the tongue called “Tan,” seasoned with salt.

s_cm_01_001■Zabuton (chuck flap)
■1560 Yen
(Japanese Accent) Zabuton
Meat dish made using a cut from the shoulder called “Zabuton.”
●Salad・Rice menu
69b33ede2bd75fae457f82a6959ede69■Korean Style Choregi Salad with salted kelp
■480 Yen
(Japanese Accent) Cyoregisarada

12015-09-09-15-31-15■Rare stake on rice
■1480 Yen
(Japanese Accent) Reasutehkidon
Grilled beef served over rice.

b783b2b16eea82a7faf1bdd9d014d7f6■Tamagokake gohan(rice with raw egg)
■380 Yen
(Japanese Accent) Tamagokake Gohan
A dish of white rice topped with raw egg, often seasoned with soy sauce.
(Japanese Accent) Gohan
Large Serving 250 Yen
Medium Serving 220 Yen
Small Serving 190 Yen